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Corporate Governance Guidelines
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TAV Airports Holding is dedicated to achieve company goals and increase shareholder value by effective corporate governance. TAV performs its business through employees and executives led by CEO, with oversight of the Board.

The Board reviews the Company's corporate governance principles and practices regularly. TAV management recognizes the impact of its business practices on third parties and that all company initiatives must be responsive to the interest of customers, shareholders, employees, public officials, suppliers and community in general. Openness about TAV's corporate governance principles, practice and structure is itself an important element in Company's communication policy.

The Board established and has the responsibility for the administration of the Code of Business Ethics in order to prevent ethical risks, provide guidance to the management to effectively recognize and deal with ethical issues, utilize mechanisms of reporting of unethical conduct, and help to foster and sustain a culture of honesty and accountability within the Company.

All directors, executives and employees accept the Code of Business Ethics of TAV and the responsibility to avoid situations that present a potential or actual conflict between personal interests and Company's interests. Any potential situation of conflict of interest shall be reported to the Corporate Governance Committee.

TAV conducts its business in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. No director, executive or employee shall be involved in any unlawful activity in conducting its business and daily duties.

Investor Relations

In line with existing laws and regulations, corporate governance and disclosure policy of TAV Airports Holding, Investor Relations Department,

provides shareholders and investors with required information,

schedules meetings to inform investors,

coordinates general assemblies in line with the procedures, prepares documents required by shareholders and keep records.

makes all relevant information available on the Company's Web Site

coordinates preparation of annual reports in accordance with regulations and corporate governance principles set by Capital Market Board.


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