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What is Cumulative Voting?

As described in Turkish Commercial Law, a method of election of the board of directors or audit commitee used by corporations whereby a shareholder may cast as many votes for directors as he or she has shares of stock, multiplied by the number of directors to be elected.

Where can I find IPO prospectus of TAV Airports?

IPO Prospectus of TAV Airports can be found in Istanbul Stock Exchange web site under Initial Public Offering.

How many groups of shares does TAV Airports have? Are there any preferred shares?

There is only one group of shares, and shareholders have one vote for each stock and all shares have the same voting rights in every respect.

Where are the shares listed?

TAV Havalimanları Holding shares (TAVHL.IS) are listed in the Borsa Istanbul Stock Exchange.

When did the shares of TAV Airports start to trade on the ISE?

Shares of TAV Airports started to trade on 23 February 2007.

Has TAV Airports increased its capital since IPO?

Our Company increased the capital from 242.187.500 TL to 363.281.250 TL by %50 right issue in 2009.

How many shares of TAV Airports are publicly traded?

161,177,250 shares of TAV Airports is traded on the Borsa Istanbul.

What is the Company's paid-in capital?

Our current share capital is comprised of 363,281,250 shares with a nominal value of TL 1 each. All of our shares are in bearer form

How often does TAV Airports report its financials?

TAV Airports reports its financials on quarterly basis.

Where can I find historical financial information of TAV Airports?

Financial informations can be found in our web site under “Operational&Financial Data” heading.

What is the effective free float of TAV?

TAV Havalimanları Holding's effective free float is 40%.

When is TAV's fiscal year?

TAV Havalimanları Holding's fiscal year is the 12-month calendar year (January – December).

Which department shall be contacted for shareholder questions?

For shareholder questions they can e-mail Investor Relations Department at or they can call +90 212 463 3000/2122-2123-2124.

When is the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of TAV Airports?

Annual General Shareholders’ meeting are being held in first three months of the year as suggested by the regulation.

How many people does TAV Havalimanları employ?

TAV Havalimanları employs 15.624 people as of December 31st, 2016.


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